Podcast Appearance: Professionally Obnoxious

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In this episode, hear from Patty Mohler, a licensed mental health counselor in Jacksonville, FL. Show Notes: In this episode, Kim flies solo as she interviews Patty Mohler, owner of Patty Mohler Counseling and Founder of Renew and Restore Retreats. Patty is a licensed mental health counselor in Jacksonville, FL who is passionate about empowering women to be the best version of themselves. Kim and Patty talk about how women go through numerous transitions in our lifetimes and all of us need others to see us, to hear us, to validate us and to CONNECT with us! Patty shares how communication and language are critical and shares how switching out just TWO WORDS in our daily conversations can change our lives. Don’t miss this EASY, ACTIONABLE TAKE AWAY that will impact your personal and professional relationships starting TODAY!

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